Blue Picardy Spaniel

Welcome to the home of the Blue Picardy Spaniel premier. I've been showing BPS since 2015, and adore this file. The breed was once fairly competitive at the PKC, but has since tapered off in the last year. 


Please note all BSTs accepted by the Gundog pr are accepted in this premier, even if not shown here.


Your BPS is an expert at retrieving prey. This versatile hunting dog usually scores well in field trials, and is an ideal hunting companion. Show off your BPS' field skills by performing a retrieve. The dog can run in either direction, and should be fully extended with either a stick or duck toy in the mouth. The dog may also use a Stay-Sit position not shown here, with a stick or duck toy in the mouth.

Gundogs are ideal companions. Show that your dog is a handler's best friend by performing an obedience task. Expressions should always be loving and calm, demonstrating a strong bond.

Your BPS should be fit, agile, and always ready to head out into the field. This task represents your BPS' willingness and ability to jump into water after game. Use the hoop, a hexed jump, or a jump without props for this BST.