Welcome to the home of the Coonhound Premier. Accepted breeds are the Plott and the Treeing Walker Coonhound. I am very excited to see all of your lovely Coonhounds participate!

Please note all BSTs accepted by the Hound pr are accepted in this premier even if not shown here.

I started showing Plotts back in 2006 when the file first came out, and I've been in love with it ever since. This is still one of my absolute favourite files to pose and show, and the TWC is a close second. I started showing the TWC in the PKC in 2014 and fell in love all over again. Welcome to the Coonhound premier, and lets see those hound dogs in action!


And of course, all Coonhounds should be well behaved and have basic house manners. Use any of the obedience tasks to show that your pup is well mannered and enjoys lounging in the house. Feel free to be a bit creative and use tricks in this BST as well.

Coonhounds are part of the Hound group, so they are excellent trackers. They are excellent at finding a trail and following it until the prey is found. Show that your Coonhound has an excellent nose by getting a pic of him/her sniffing the ground. The pet may be standing still or moving in any direction.

Coonhounds are used for hunting game and can run long distances without tiring to track their prey. Show off your dog's endurance by using a running pic. The dog may be looking at the camera or straight ahead in the direction of the prey. Preference goes to the straight ahead look. You may also use a pack run, so long as each entry has a different photo and the dog is clearly identifiable.

Once the prey has been tracked, Coonhounds are excellent treeing breeds. They will chase the prey up a tree and keep it in the tree until the hunter arrives. Show how good your dog is at treeingby using this BST.

Coonhounds also have a very distinct voice. Once the prey has been found, they will bay to alert the hunter where to find it. Get a good pic of a bark or bay for this BST.