Adoption Records

BIS Ch BFK's What Would Scot Do x BIS Ch BFK's Crumbled Cracker

Clumber, registered Apr 2018

BFK's Crack 'Er Bar owned by me

BFK's Lullaby of my Voyage owned by Nikki

BFK's Here We Go Again owned by ratty

RW 2xG2 Ch BFK's You Fancy x RW G2 G3 Ch Mayflower Featherlight Temptress ChPC

Clumber, registered Apr 2018

BFK's Double Double owned by me

BFK's Reverberations of the Past owned by Nikki

BFK's Law of Vacant Places owned by ratty

W3 G3 Ch People's Face Blurred Out at Nightster x G2 Ch Where Worries Are at Nightster

Black Russian Terrier, registered Oct 2017

Ch Faded at Nightster owned by me

Best Foot Forward at Nightster owned by Koda

A Drop of Night at Nightster owned by Wolf

Brave Face at Nightster owned by Vesale

2xBIS W2 W3 GCh BFK's Add Some Ranch x BIS G2 Ch BFK's Lose Yourself

Skye Terrier, registered Oct 2017

W1 Ch BFK's Two Dolla Bills owned by me

BFK's Saucy Sleuth owned by Vesale

W1 W2 G4 Ch BFK's Mouth of the River owned by Junee

BFK's Ten Cents a Dance owned by Malgal

W1 G2 Ch Little Demon at Nightster x W2 G3 Ch Pure of Heart at Nightster 

Newfoundland, registered June 2017

G2 Night Sky at Nightster owned by me

Lady of the Dark at Nightster owned by Vesale

The Devil Inside at Nightster owned by Tayla

Full Speed Ahead at Nightster owned by Elf

Ch BFK's Little Flirt x Ch BFK's Beautiful Day

Barbet, registered Mar 2017

BFK's Polite Fedora owned by me

G3 Ch BFK's Niedefiniowalny owned by sileas

BFK's I'll Take What's Mine owned by PrimroseKC

BFK's Hold Your Breath at OBX owned by mockingham

BFK's Do The Dance owned by Amy

Ch Where Feelings Mean Nothing at Nightster x Ch Ch Bee Ee Tee Tee Wy at Nightster

Black Russian Terrier, registered Oct 2016

Ch Like Sunspots at Nightster owned by me

Primadonna of Nightster owned by Martell 

W2 Ch Back of Your Mind at Nighster x BIS G2 Ch Close Your Eyes at Nightster

Black Russian Terrier, registered Oct 2016

G2 Ch Where Worries are at Nightster owned by me

Razgulyay of Nightster owned by Martell

W4 Ch BFK's Hidden Oasis x G3 Ch BFK's Sweet Pea

Clumber, registered Sept 2016

Ch BFK's Angelatron owned by me

RW Ch BFK's Sweet Escape owned by Nikki

G4 Ch Washed Out to Sea at Nighster x Ch See the Changes at Nightster

Black Russian Terrier, registered Feb 2016

BW W1 GCh Or Raindrops at Nightster owned by me 

Seasons of Change of Nightster owned by Malgal

Ch Stiljaga of Nightster OD ChPC owned by Martell

The Darkest Hour of Nightster owned by Lindaile

Queen Regent of Nightster owned by Appy

G2 G4 Ch Endorfina of Nightster owned by netheter

2xG3 Ch BFK's Better Than a Skeeter x Ch BFK's Land Ho

Barbet, registered Jan 2016

Ch BFK's One to be Worshipped at OBX owned by mockingham

BFK's Optical Illusion owned by Amy

G4 Ch BFK's One Silver Bar ChPC x G3 Ch PRKC's The Backup Plan ChPC

Blue Picardy, registered Dec 2015

G2 Ch BFK's Boss of Sauce owned by me

2xBIS G2 GCh BFK's The Last Amazing Grays GPC owned by Testarossa

BFK's Aurora Borealis owned by Elf

Ch Pr BFK's Gaining Momentum ChPC x W1 G2 G3 GCh Pr BFK's Shady Lady ChPC

Plott, registered Dec 2015

W2 G3 Ch BFK's Shady Momentum ChPC owned by me

Ch BFK's Into Darkness of Asterism owned by Haruka

BFK's Hunting Together owned by Shade

Ch BFK's Shady Moments owned by Malgal

Ch Forefront Twist and Turn x Ch Something Special at Nightster

Newfoundland, registered May 2015 - joint litter

Ch Forefront Twisted Mistress at Nightster owned by me

Ch Forefront A Twisted Special at Nightster owned by Haruka

Ch GUA's The Lightning Strike x W3 Ch BFK's She Really is a Funny Girl

Cane Corso, registered Apr 2015 - joint litter

Ch GuA's Light of Life at BFK owned by me

Gua's The Golden Age of BFK owned by Lindaile

Ch BFK's Courtesy of MildMay x Ch BFK's Black Bombshell

A happy, healthy litter of 6 BPS pups was born on Feb 21, 2015. 

Ch BFK's Devil in a Blue Dress owned by me
Ch Fólkvangr Blue Sleeper owned by Salem
Feral's Altered Daze owned by Feral
W3 Ch axolotl's The Voice of The Dark owned by xshazza
BW Ch BFK's Black and Blue owned by Elf
Kaleidoscope's True Darkness owned by FancyPuppys

W2 G3 GCh Pr BFK's Strong and Free ChPC x GCh BFK's Set the Odometer ChPC

Plott, registered Dec 28, 2014

Ch Pr BFK's Maple Grove ChPC owned by me
BFK's Breaking The Limit owned by Haruka
BFK's Blast From The Past owned by Primrose
G4 Ch BFK's Free At Last owned by Elf
BFK's Speed Of Sound owned by Amphigory